Native Development Vs Hybrid


The mobile revolution has led to the widespread adoption of smartphones among people from all walks of life. This has presented the opportunities in developing mobile applications be it in android, IOS, or windows that never existed before. However, developers are always faced with the dilemma of either going native or hybrid in a bid to deliver mobile apps in android, windows and IOS.  When reading this article, it is clear that the topic makes you interested in the benefits of going native over hybrid, and that’s what you’ll get.

What is the difference between native and hybrid app development?

Native mobile application development involves the development of specific mobile platforms, such as android, windows, and IOS platforms. Native app development thus can take advantage of specific features within the platform for optimized performance.

However, unlike in native app development, hybrid app development involves developing cross mobile applications which may be deployed across several platforms such as windows, android, IOS, and even in web browsers.

What are the benefits of naïve application development over hybrid app development?

  • Better UX design: native application development enables developers to concentrate more on customizing a mobile applications user experience based on the platform, unlike in hybrid app development where user development is designed for all platforms.
  • Better performance: native apps are faster compared to hybrid apps due to native app development aiming to optimize the performance of an app based on a specific operating system. However, under hybrid app development, it is difficult to optimize the application for all the platforms.
  • More customized features: native app development allows customizing an application features based on its operating system, thus better delivery of services. However, it is challenging to deliver customized features for specific operating systems; therefore, may not have better experiences within the mobile app.
  • Better security: Native app development allows batter security since it’s tailored for a specific operating system. However, although secure, hybrid app development does not provide customized security for individual mobile platforms.
  • Flexibility in making upgrades: Native mobile apps make it easy for developers to upgrade the mobile application based on new operating system upgrades. However, it is difficult to upgrade a hybrid mobile application based on upgrades made on a single operating system since an upgrade will be reflected across all platforms.

In scenarios where cost and development time is not a significant issue, then native app development is the better than hybrid app development.

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